A Spiritual Ride to the Other Side

By Sandra Wells

July 20, 2011 started like any other day for Russ Wells. Spending time with his wife and friends. You never know how destiny will deal the deck for your day’s events but in Russ’s case late in the night brought an event that he would never have expected.

After running to the convenience store in Kirkland, IL close to where he resides he found it to be closed so he decided to venture over to Wal-Mart where he knew the store remained open 24 hours a day to ensure his purchases. After making a phone call to a friend that he was going to make this journey about 10:30pm he hung up and continued along Genoa Rd to his destination.

At Wal-Mart he bought what he had planned on and went back to his truck to take Genoa Rd back home. While driving along after a hot day of 90 degree temperatures, he became very sleepy and dozed off for a moment which sealed his fate for what was to now happen.

His truck went off the road hitting a culvert launching the S-10 Chevy Pickup through the air slamming into a power pole with 35,000 worth of voltage lines that wrapped themselves around the truck still surging dangerous voltages. After the car came to rest Russ so damaged by the crash saw what most would call “The Other Side” where many believe we go after leaving our physical bodies.

Russ truly believes that he died at that moment he has expressed. He found himself walking through a familiar setting, a hallway with old fashioned wooden slats that he saw many times in his grandmother’s home in Florida. Ahead of him he saw his grandma, mother and father who have all been dead for two decades now. His grandma who Russ always called Granny came forward to talk to him. His mother and father smiled and waved but remained far behind his Granny. When she had reached his location Russ asked her if he had died in the crash. She told him that if he had continued on this path he would be. Then she told him that it was not his time to make this journey yet and he must go back. There is much you have left to do she told him and grabbed his hand to lead him back through the doorway where he had entered.

The next thing Russ remembers is waking up in the truck and unhooking his seat belt falling downward to the other side of the truck or the passenger side. Next he heard a male voice saying “Come with me” and a hand came in through the window, which he grabbed and this man pulled him out through the driver’s side window that had been broken during the crash. There was no one else there with him, the man had disappeared. Russ saw nothing when getting away from the crash, not even the truck. Away from the danger of the high powered lines a woman who lived across the road came out of her home to see if anyone was still alive. Once she came upon Russ he walked up to her and collapsed into her arms. Once she got him to the ground she told him not to move and that the ambulance was on its way. Russ was still awake but yet in severe pain. He told her his name, address and that he needed his wife. Suddenly the woman kept asking was your wife in the truck. At first he said yes, and she asked again. Was there anyone in the truck with you. Russ responded no, I was alone. He kept saying over and over he wanted is wife… please get my wife.

Finally the ambulance arrived and stabilized Russ on the way to the hospital. He passed out several times from the pain and does not remember much after that point until he got to the emergency room at St Anthony’s Medical Center trauma center. They worked diligently to stop the bleeding from his head, ear and knee. They did x-rays, ct scans, an MRI, blood work etc etc… to make sure Russ was ok.

He spent the next 2 days in ICU and then was moved into a regular room. On the 4th day he was released from the hospital. It amazes us that he even walked away from the accident, rescued by an unknown force and spared death. Russ is ready to pass the word along to anyone who is willing to listen not only about driving safety in regards to being tired and driving but also about the overwhelming fad today by mostly teenagers with texting and driving. He will also talk about the whole issue with drinking and driving as well.

He feels he has had a spiritual awakening that he will continue to learn and grow from not only as a human but a spiritual being. Russ has been touched by the other side and brought back knowledge that only someone who has experienced such a event truly understands. He now can speak in a more understanding way to the ghosts we encounter during our investigations as paranormal researchers. We both understand what it is like to have a near death experience and how profoundly it can affect a person on such an emotional level.

Russ has been told through communication from the other side that he is to write a book about what he knows. He still scratches his head about what they believe he knows but he understands that when it is time the subject of the book will be revealed. He is thankful everyday that he was allowed to have this second opportunity for living and does not plan on wasting time with trivial matters anymore.

If you would like to contact us in regards to sharing your own spiritual awakening please contact Russ Wells at his email:

A message from the other side: “Don’t waste the life you have been given; enjoy, love and cherish those you love because it can be gone in a moment”

A message from Russ: “Don’t give up, Don’t give in.”

Sandra Wells is author of Beyond Life: The Ghost Chronicles and Raven’s Blood – The Zanghoul, and is host of Dark Moon Rising Radio.



  1. Bob Zimmerman says:

    I believe Mr. Wells experience happened,these things are real,and that the other side is very near to us.I had a truly remarkable experience a year ago that will live with the rest of my life.I don’t talk about it because it is hard to think anybody would believe what I experienced.My older deceased brother came to me,called my name,touched me,the coldest thing I ever felt went thru my body and a week later,after I prayed for him to move on,he walked by my doorway in the brightest light I have ever seen.he was much younger,looking straight ahead with a smile on his face.I think he was walking into our waiting family as I’m the last one left.I truly believe I saw him walking into Heaven.Thank you for this forum,as it gives me such relief to be able to express my amazing experience.I know the feeling Mr.Wells carries with him,although his was far more intense.Bless you all.


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