Ghostly Game #8: Zombies!

This is a good party game that requires a lot of participation, but very little setup.


  • 6-12 friends.


Everyone gathers in the same room and appoints a referee. With the player’s eyes closed, the referee will appoint one person to be a zombie by lightly tapping him or her on the shoulder.

At the start of each round, the referee will instruct the players to close their eyes (or “go to sleep”). The zombie (eyes open) will then point at his or her intended victim. Taking note, the referee will tap that person on the shoulder, then tell the players to open their eyes.

The players will now vote on two people to “kill.” The chosen players are eliminated from the game, and the remaining players go back to sleep. If both zombies are killed, then the game is over. If not, play continues until either everyone has been bitten or all the zombies are eliminated!

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