Interview with Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan is a Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Spirit Feeler, does Channeling and is the Chicago area Paranormal Host of Chicago Paranormal Nights. He has appeared in four different paranormal books (a fifth and sixth are now being worked on), and is authoring his own e-book ‘Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously’, to be released within the next month. He has been showcased on the You and Me in the Morning – TV show, WGN radio, and in many Chicago area newspapers.

You have been involved with the paranormal in the Chicagoland area most of your life – what was it that first interested you in the paranormal? Was it when you realized you had psychic abilities, or did your interest come later?

What first interested me was hearing Richard Crowe as a regular guest on a Chicago radio talk show. I believe it was the Eddie Schwartz WGN late night radio talk show. I was just a teenager and would listen to his ‘Ghost Stories’ about locations in the Chicago land area. The thing that was interesting, is I lived within five to fifteen minutes of the locations he talked about and I have lived all my life within those areas of Resurrection Cemetery / Mary to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and all the locations in between. Willow Springs, IL, Archer Avenue, Holy Sepulcher and the Miracle Child’s Grave Site, St. James Cemetery / Monk’s Castle, The Irish Legend and the list goes on.

So when I turned 16, off I drove to explore and do what I call ‘good teenage spooky fun’, as the truth is there was nothing being called back in the 1970’s ‘Paranormal Investigations’ etc;. I could say and brag that I was doing paranormal investigations 36 years ago (more years ago then the age of many reading this), but I keep it honest and call it what it was and known as back then.

The first location I ever explored was Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery at night, as it was legal back then to go in there at night and one could even drive their car back in to the area of cemetery. Then it was more active then it is today, as the Satanic Rituals were also being practiced at that time and most of the graves back then did hold buried bodies. Also the cemetery was an excellent place to wander as the growth of grass and weeds as tall as a man, was like wandering around a maze and not knowing what one would come across and yet the headstones stood out. There was paranormal activity that went on while I was there. Other locations I would visit also had their own experiences, but Bachelor’s Grove being the first is the one remembered the strongest from that time frame and yet the one I hardly visit today.

Take us through your psychic development. Was this ability something you knew you had as a child, or did it grow over time? How did others react as you were growing up and you began to notice this special gift?

I was always drawn toward things that were what many would call ‘Magick’ when I was a kid. At the age of 10, my mom and I were in Ford City Mall, the mall was new back then and we walked in to a ‘New Age’ store or better yet called back then a ‘Head Shop’. They had Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Pendulums and more, but the thing that caught my eye was a Black Mirror. I asked my mom if I could get it, she said “Your not ready yet”. The exploring of paranormal locations came first, as knowing what my Psychic abilities were, was not yet known other then there was always this ability to get or have activity when I went to the locations. My Uncle was an individual who did Readings at house parties and on radio shows by way of Handwriting Analysis back in the late 1960s and in to the 70s.

About twelve years ago a Native American who was raised on an Indian Reservation, came across the photo collection I had of the paranormal locations like Archer Avenue Cemetery, Bachelor’s Grove and others, all taken during the day. She seen what my photos captured and she assisted me in opening up to my abilities of being a Spirit Feeler, as the photos I would take, were areas I was being drawn to take a photo at, as I do not shoot photo after photos with the hope that I capture something.

Even today with the individuals who participate on my paranormal nights, I use my feelings to guide me in the direction to tell others to take photos or to go to with their EMF meters and EVP recorders. Amy did not teach me on how to know this, as it was within, she just assisted me or guided me in opening my self up to it. I do not believe in teaching someone, as your teaching them your way and may never tap in to what is within them. Amy assisted me in tapping in to what was within me and let me take it from there as it developed.

About ten years ago I received what I often receive, a Dream Message from the Spiritual World and the message I received informed me that I had to with what ever way it takes, be it paranormal nights, readings of items of love ones who passed away or séances, I had to try and have people experience the Spirit World so they would know that it actually does exsist. This was do to the healing miracle I requested and did happen for my granddaughter when she was an infant (by visiting the Miracle Child’s Grave Site and requesting the healing  miracle). The doctors actually called it “a miracle” when the healing miracle did happen almost over night. The history of the what led up to the miracle and how it came about, was written up and included in a book by Scott Markus, Voices from the Chicago Grave.

My payback for the miracle I requested and was provided, is to attempt to have individuals experience the Spiritual World, so they know there is a Spiritual World.. This past summer another dream message came to me saying I no longer have to do what I have been doing to have people experience the Spirit / Spiritual World, anytime I desire to walk away from what I do, I now can.

All the abilities were discovered by one leading to the other and just letting my internal knowledge guide me when learning more, as there is always more to discover and the knowledge / ability has grown over the years as has my closeness to the Spiritual World. Personally I do not like the word Psychic, but use it as a description that is common and follow it with ‘Spirit Feeler’ Medium, Paranormal Host, Spiritualist, Reader.

What is a Personal Psychometry Reading, and what can it tell you about a person?

During my readings I have the individual that I’m reading, put their left hand between both of mine, I use their left hand as it is the one closest to their heart.Then I attempt to tap in to their inner spirit or soul to read them and tell them about their self. I call it ‘Tapping in to the child inside of them, as a child does not lie’. I basically read their energy and what it is telling me, then after doing so, I ask if they have any questions, as the answers are within them and that is what I’m tapping in to.

With items of love ones who past away, I ask the person to bring items that the love one who passed away would of worn while they were alive, items like reading glasses, rings etc; and I attempt to use the energy left on the item to tap in to the Spirit of the love one who passed away, it is like Conscious Channeling. I have also done this at the headstones of grave sites with interesting results for individuals who have requested it. The headstone becomes the item I lay my hands on to tap in to the Spirit of the one that lays there.

Having conducted hundreds of séances over the years, have you ever encountered a spirit that was particularly hostile, or found yourself in a situation that you were unable to handle?

If a situation develops during one of my séances (and they have), I have always been able to handle it. I was guided in to how to get the Spirit to back off if they mess with an individual to the extreme and it has always worked, but you have to be able to tap in to what or who the Spirit is to be able to handle the situation.

There are Spirits that like to be provoked, usually they are the type that were strong or powerful type of individuals in their living state. Senator John Humphrey and a couple of the Spirits at The Irish Legend like to be provoked to respond, as it becomes a game to them, because of who they were in their living state. That is something I am able to pick up on or feel as a Spirit Feeler, not something that I just do, to do.

Also no one is more powerful then the Spirit World, it would not be allowed, so the spirits are not being made to do any thing they are not willing to do, it is knowing what is needed that will interest or get the spirits to interact.

The Séances that I do, I call ‘Circle Of Energy Séances’. They are different then your typical séance, as I do not sit at the table and say that I see this or that Spirit here or there or this or that is happening, as any individual can pull that off or act it out. What I do is attempting to raise the spirits at the location to interact with the individuals who are participating in the séance, the individuals become the Mediums and I worked off of what they are saying is going on, to get the spirits to interact more with them.

This is also great for paranormal investigators who are present and are working with their tools, they capture EVP’s on both voice recorders and video. The last location the investigators laid their EMF meters on the séance table and it was like the Spirits were answering us through the meters as they were giving readings during questions and when paranormal activity came about when the Spirits interacted with those present.

My séance has been performed in daylight as well as in darkness. No use of props during my séance other then a candle to read the intro to the start of the séance and all the séances are video recorded. I would not recommend any individual to attempt to do a Séance the way I do them, as one has to be experienced and in control of any situation that would develop and you should be willing to offer your own self up to be the receiver of any negativity if it should develop, for the others safety.

One has to remember that the Spirits are being attempted to be raised by me to interact with those present, so the individuals become the Mediums and actually experience the Spirits and much different then just one individual sitting at the end of the table giving a song and dance about what is going on and expect others to accept what the person is saying.

I recently have been requested to perform my Circle of Energy Séances after Psychic House Parties to end the night. It has been successful, as I attempt to tap in to some of the love ones who have passed away or other spirits, as we are surrounded by them.

Do you have any upcoming events you would like to make our readers aware of? How can our readers contact you if they would like to request your services or learn more about your work?

Well a big one for me, is the release of me e-book called: ‘Taking the Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously:  Theories – Thoughts – Experiences’. It should be coming out within the next month. Also on Saturday August 20th, the Free – Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet to be held at large grove at Chet’s Melody Lounge, in Justice, IL; located across the street of Resurrection Cemetery, the resting place of Resurrection Mary. Details can be found at: This is turning out to be a huge event and Mr. Kleen you are one of the guest authors that will be present.

As far as other dates / events go, all my paranormal events on weekends are booked until November and the other weekends in to November, most are filled with Psychic House Parties. I am planning to offer private paranormal nights for individuals and their friends on Tuesday nights or Friday nights, to fill the requests.
For other upcoming dates or new events that may come about, individuals can sign-up for my monthly newsletter at

For those individuals who would like to read the many articles I have written for the Examiner, Haunted America Tours, Chicago Now (a Chicago Tribune Newspaper web site), can visit my personal website, as the links are there for each. My personal website that has information about my Psychic House and Public location Reading, has at the time of this interview, received: 913,098 visitors. It can be viewed at:

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