Ghostly Game #6: Classic Halloween Fun

Halloween isn’t just about knocking on doors and getting candy: sometimes it’s also about causing mischief against people who treat you like crap for 364 days out of the year. For The Fallen, every day is Halloween.


  • 2 to 3 friends.
  • A 6-sided die.
  • Whatever materials are needed for each mission.


Gather your friends together and roll a 6-sided die.

On a 1 or 2: Complete a classic TP. This is a harmless toilet-paper prank, but it’s not fun to clean up. On a 3: Fill someone’s empty mailbox with shaving cream (it’s a felony to tamper with the mail). On a 4: Fill super-soakers with red punch and spray the neighborhood bully’s car. On a 5: Moisten paper towels and plaster them all over the bully’s  windows. Cover the entire surface. On a 6: Convince someone that his or her house is haunted by playing little tricks on them, making strange noises, etc.

Remember, do not do these to your friends, neighbors, or old ladies. Karma will come back on you!

Do you have your own idea for a ghostly game? E-mail us at, and your idea may be published on!


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