WSIU-TV Goes on a Ghost Hunt with L.E.G.S.

History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern IllinoisFrom History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline.

Danielle, a reporter for WSIU-TV was looking for an interesting news story when she came across the Little Egypt Ghost Society website. Intrigued, she made contact with our ghost hunter club and asked if we would consent to an interview. Of course the answer was a resounding YES! A date was decided on when she could interview the club officers.

The interview was conducted with Lead Investigators Bruce and Lisa Cline. During the interview she asked each investigator what got them interested in ghost hunting and what some of the most interesting encounters were. After that a demonstration was made of all the official Little Egypt Ghost Society equipment. Danielle’s interest was now at an all time high. She asked if she could go on a ghost hunt with our group and film it. Once again the answer was YES!

Our group had been asked to conduct a paranormal investigation of an old 2-story house on North Almond Street in Carbondale.  The upstairs apartment in the house was shared by Josh, his girlfriend and another female roommate.  They stated that the house was over 100 years old and had once stood on the land where Crab Orchard Lake is now located.  When work on the lake was started in 1936, it was decided to move the house to Carbondale. Josh said that he found an old guitar in the attic of the house and decided to add it to his collection of vintage guitars. He hung the old guitar on the wall near some of the others.

Each night, the old guitar would fall off the nail that held it up.  No matter how many times he re-hung it, it would always fall off the nail.  He also said that he and his girlfriend and roommate would hear sounds of a small animal in the hallway by the bedrooms and would see the shadow of it on the walls. This in itself was not strange except for the fact that they had NO pets in the house! We all agreed on a date for the TV crew to film the investigation. After the investigators and TV crew arrived at the house introductions were made and the background of the strange happenings was made known to all present.

While Danielle filmed, all of the equipment to be used for the investigation was checked for fresh batteries and to make sure that everything was in good working order. Just as we went into the room where the guitar had been falling off the wall, the TV camera stopped working. Danielle rechecked her equipment and could find no logical reason why it would not work. I explained to her that sometimes during a paranormal investigation, electronic equipment would fail whenever spirit activity was nearby. Fortunately, I have my SONY NightShot Camcorder with Infrared lighting enabling us to continue to film the investigation.

We took several temperature readings with our pyrometers and Kestrel Weather Monitor and found an area in the back bedroom that had a temperature drop of 14 degrees in one small area near the center of the room. The dousing rods would cross at exactly the same spot. After two hours we decided to end the investigation. Just as soon as we turned on all the lights, Danielle’s TV camera mysteriously started working again. I told her that whatever spirits were in the house seemed to not want her to document what was going on. We did not see any guitars flying thru the air and did not hear or see the spectral animals. All we had to show for our efforts was one cold spot, crossed dousing rods, a TV camera that mysteriously stopped working and one very scared TV reporter.

Copyright Bruce L. Cline, 2014. You do not have permission to copy this post.



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