More Pictures from Ghost Adventures’ Visit to Ashmore Estates

Last weekend, the Ghost Adventures Crew visited Ashmore Estates in rural Coles County to film an upcoming episode. I, among others, was interviewed, and the crew spent the night in this old “asylum.” Here are some more pictures from their visit:

The crew prepares for filming.

One man vs. his destiny.

Scott Kelley (the owner), Juli Velazquez, and friends hang out between interviews.

Look for me this summer being interviewed in this very hallway!



  1. Kathi Kresol says:

    OH MY GOD! I am so jealous…that Zak got to spend time with you! I wish I was that lucky!
    (I know it is my fault that I didn’t get to go to dinner with you the last time you were home!

    But seriously! THIS IS awesome!

    YEAH for you!!


  2. Kyndall says:

    Oh my gosh, me and my buddies are going to Ashmore Estates this summer! Now I’m a bit creeped out to go there, yet I’m eager to go there. I don’t know man, but I can’t wait either way!


  3. When will this air on TV????


  4. Ashley says:

    It says on wiki that it airs in September when season starts. I wish I could have met them I had no idea they finally came to IL.


  5. thats awsome i watch them all the time i have pics of ghost or somethin i captured on my camera on my fb page. in 2004.b4 they turned it into haunted house.


  6. I went to that place years ago before these new owners had it. Me and two friends went inside there with just flashlights we looked around for quite the time there was an old elevator shaft that i about fell down,i have to say that was the scariest thing about that place it wasn’t scary at all and i do not believe it is haunted

    ut that place it wasn’t scary at all and i do not believe it is haunted


  7. sylvia says:

    Do the guys ever come to Canada???


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