On the Scene with Ghost Adventures

On a pleasant, sunny afternoon late last month, I found myself in the company of the Travel Channel’s most famous ghost hunters. Zak, Nick, and Aaron had come to Coles County in order to film an upcoming episode of their hit show Ghost Adventures at Ashmore Estates, a former almshouse and care facility in Coles County. Knowing I had written extensively on the history and folklore of the building, Scott Kelley, its current owner, suggested that they interview me for the episode.

For a week I spoke back and forth with Jeff Bellinger, Writer/Researcher for the show, but I was kept in the dark about their final decision until Tuesday. That Friday afternoon, eager to see my old friends at Ashmore Estates and meet the crew of Ghost Adventures, I drove 182 miles – a three hour trip – from western Illinois to the outskirts of Ashmore on the other side of the state.

From what Scott tells me, the Ghost Adventures crew wanted to do an episode on Ashmore Estates several years ago, but scheduling conflicts prevented them from working out a deal. Finally, the stars aligned and it couldn’t have been a better time. For my part, I was eager to contribute to the episode. Not only will this show attract more attention to the area, but hopefully it will encourage tourism and bring a much needed economic windfall to my beloved Coles County. Here are a couple of pictures from the filming, I will post more on Wednesday:

Zak, Nick, and Aaron from Ghost Adventures, and I

Ghost Adventures Crew at Ashmore Estates, March 29, 2011



  1. We are a local paranormal group and we have been doing investigations in the coles county area. W e did an investigation at Ashmore Estates ourselves we actually got a shadow to chase me while i was filming on the third floor by the elevator. I am a certified CNA and we used that as an avenue to get more of a reaction while we were there. We also got by the third floor nurses station a evp right after i asked if anyone who was incontinent that needed changed it said” I will kill you ‘.


  2. Lenore says:

    Just seeing Jeff Belanger’s name associated with “Ghost Adventures” is enough to tell me it is total garbage — just like everything else he writes. All Belanger does is copy the work of others. For example in his book, “The World’s Most Haunted Places,” he claims the house known as Franklin Castle in Cleveland was built in 1865 because that’s what other uninformed “ghost” writers say — it was actually built in 1881. Additionally, I read an article of his about Dudleytown, the allegedly haunted abandoned community in Connecticut, in which Belanger said the rocks had high iron deposits which may have caused lead poisoning in the water. What? Iron causes lead poisoning?! Belanger is extremely lucky the vast majority of his readers are as ignorant and uninformed as he is. Furthermore, his writing skills – and, believe me, I use the term loosely – are about 10th-grade level.


    • Kilroy says:

      I agree, Belanger’s site: “Ghost Village” is perhaps one of the worst on the net but at least there is someplace that will still feature dust orbs on the front page for us to laugh at .


  3. Alicia Woolridge Morgson says:

    It was great to finally meet you after reading much of your work on the area. I look forward to (hopefully) working with you in the future on some of the projects Scott has up his sleve! I think you have done an excellent job in documenting the history of Ashmore Estates/Coles County Poor Farm. It’s nice to see that the story about the builing will get out there. I love the building and the people who own it, and am really looking forward to see the episode the Ghost Adventures produce. It was fun being at the set all weekend to see all the behind the scenes stuff, and a great honor to have the paranormal group of which I belong (Mid Illinois Ghost Society) get interviewed! Take care and I’m sure we will see more of one another at Ashmore Estates in the future!


  4. Kilroy says:

    God when will The Travel Channel cancel that horrible show? (Ghost Adventures) I find it intellectually insulting and their fans the biggest morons in the galaxy.


  5. Great job Mike, I will say they make you look short….lol


  6. Hey Mike,
    I hope you don’t mind I spread the word over at about this and linked this page. I think its awesome. I so envy you…And I can’t wait to see it. Do you even know approx when they are gonna air it????


  7. I visited Ashmore last year with my group. This was not a pleasant experience. We could not do a proper investigation due to all of the props and useless things in every room it seemed. There were cats and birds running through the building which affected any evp we tried getting. The owner of the building and his wife were very nice. Maybe, they have cleaned it up since then.


  8. eh-heh-heh says:

    I just got through with an investigaton of a haunted abandoned school and while we were investigating I stepped in some ghost doo-doo! It was patially liquefied and it stank like hell! I guess the ghost had a case of the runs!


  9. Erika71 says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and in meeting the “trio”, Zak, Nick, and Aaron.


  10. laura says:

    first off @kilroy ghost advengters only consists of 3 ppl and noone else they get more results then ghost hunters.. and ghost hunters just has to much shit going on and as far a ghost adventures gose they are the best…………..i enjoy watching thier shows and i just saw the episode of ashmore estates tonight and i loved it… cant wait to see more from ghost adventure…. and they are not insulting anyone they are simply showing the world whats real and that we are not alone



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