Ghostly Game #4: Is it Metal Enough?

There are several versions of this game out there. This is the version that The Fallen like to play when they aren’t trying to find their way out of a paper bag.


  • 4 to 6 friends.
  • 15 real black or death metal band names.
  • 15 fake black or death metal band names.
  • A pen and a pad of paper.


One person needs to act as the referee. The referee will write down real and fake metal band names (like “The Flaming Corpses,” for example) on separate pieces of paper, then mix them up. Let your imagination run wild. It is very important at this stage that the rest of the players do not see the band names.

When the game begins, the referee will read a band name aloud and the players yell out if they think it is fake or real. After the guesses are made, the referee will reveal the answer and whoever guessed correctly will get a point. Repeat this process for all 30 band names. The first person with 20 points wins!

Do you have your own idea for a ghostly game? E-mail us at, and your idea may be published on!


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