Flashback: Cuba Road

Click here to download the entire issue!

Click here to download the entire issue!

The chirp of crickets was the only sound that greeted them as they made their way down the tenebrous driveway. The beam of their flashlights traced the contours of trees and bushes, looking for any sign of a building.

At last, the two found themselves adjacent to a small pond. Across the pond, on the other side of an old silo, stood an unusually large farmhouse. All of its windows were missing, and its white walls were covered in dirt and graffiti.

“Jackpot,” Mike whispered.

Aurelia tossed her head back to see if anyone had followed them onto the property. The drive was as dark and lonely as it was when they had first entered. Never the less, she felt a shiver crawl up her spine.

“Something doesn’t feel right,” she said. “I think someone else is here.”

“Nonsense,” Mike responded. “We’re not going back. If anyone else is here, let them come out and cause a problem.”

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