Sex and the Paranormal?

I’ve heard some strange things in all my years of research into folklore, ghost stories, and the unknown, but this is somewhere beyond my comprehension. In this new article at the Skeptical Inquirer, Karen Stollznow explores the phenomenon of “ghostly romance” – a highly controversial subject even among believers (apparently Ghost Adventures did a Valentine’s Day episode on this). What are your thoughts on the subject?

Paranormal Paramours
By Karen Stollznow

From the television series The Ghost and Mrs. Muir to the cinematic classic Ghouls Gone Wild, popular culture is enamored with stories of ghostly girlfriends and beaus from beyond. However, there are some who claim their stories of paranormal love and sex are fact, not fiction.

In the community of believers, paranormal sexual encounters are known as “spectrophilia.” Whether it’s invisible kisses and caresses, sex with Satan, phantom fornication, or obscene phone calls from the dead, let’s explore some claims of anomalous amorous phenomena.

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  1. Why does it have to be “sex with Satan”? I have had several encounters with my partner who passed away years ago coming into my bedroom just as I fall asleep and having penetration sex with me. I just cannot stand people who instantly apply the “Satan” to every aspect of feeling good with a departed lover. Why does everything unknown to us have to be applied to some unseen deity (in my mind) doesn’t exist, And if any “Christians” reply to this, I wanna see facts, not just some book quotes. lol


  2. Spectrophilia is not Aware Sleep Paralysis

    “…Spectrophilia can be a touch or caress in your private area when you are alone or when no one is near you. Sometimes not so nice, Spectrophilia can be a grope or slap or pinch or scratch. Welts and bruises can be the result. Fear is a given. What can be more terrifying than being assaulted by something that you cannot see? Try finding yourself losing control and compulsively submitting to impulses and actions without reason…”


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