Spotlight: Calvary Cemetery

Click here to download the entire issue!

Click here to download the entire issue!

This picturesque resting ground along the shore of Lake Michigan is home to the tale of “the Aviator,” or as he is sometimes affectionately known, “Seaweed Charlie.” Between the late 1950s and 1960s, some passersby were treated to the alarming sight of a man drowning far out of reach in the icy waters. Even more startling was what came next. Instead of disappearing under the waves to a watery grave, the man, usually disheveled but sometimes covered in seaweed, emerged from the lake and crawled over the rocks toward the gate of Calvary Cemetery before ultimately vanishing. This scene was replayed many times before finally, one night after cemetery caretakers accidentally left the gate open, the ghost disappeared forever. Despite this apparent end, sporadic sightings continued into the late ‘90s.

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