Paranormal 101: Paranormal Investigation

In these posts, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in the paranormal would benefit from reading. Each list will be arranged by topic and will be accompanied by some notes of my own. Enjoy!

      The fact that most scientists do not take the ‘field’ of paranormal investigation seriously hasn’t deterred hundreds of amateurs from poking around cemeteries with cameras and thermometers, hoping to make the ultimate discovery. This form of paranormal investigation is, of course, very different from the research carried out by the few scientists who investigate ESP or near death experiences (NDEs). Never the less, many decent—albeit imaginative—books have been written on the subject. Here is five of what I consider to be among the best.



      1. this Blogs sick, Hi my name is Josh and I’m currently trying to set up my own paranormal investigation team and I was wondering if you had an Expert opinion on how I should proceed upon that and also if there is anything I should take in to consideration. I’m from West Yorkshire in England which happens to be one of the most haunted areas in the world, anything paranormal interests me and I love to have some feedback from you guys


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