Demonic Forces Plague Eldorado Home

By Bruce Cline, director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society

Our Paranormal Investigation Team received a request to help rid a house of demonic activities. Upon arrival, the young couple who lived there explained that some unseen force had been attacking their baby. The baby slept in a crib in the front bedroom where the parents also slept. The parents stated that “something” unseen appeared to choke the baby as she slept and would shake the crib at times.

The house was old and somewhat run down in appearance. The ceiling sagged and the paneling on the walls was warped. A curtain served as a door between the living room and kitchen. The back bedroom had a small closet with a trap door that led to the attic. The entire house had a very depressing and oppressive atmosphere about it.

We conducted an EMF sweep of the living room and front bedroom with our Ghost Meter EMF Meters and discovered very high EMF in the area of the crib while the rest of the room had no EMF. We decided to move the crib to another part of the bedroom that had no EMF. We then rechecked the area where the crib had previously stood and discovered that there was no EMF in that area. We then checked the crib with the EMF meters and discovered that the EMF was coming from the crib itself. We thoroughly searched the crib but could find no visible source for the EMF. Wherever we moved the crib the EMF followed it.

We then turned off all electric power to the house at the main switch to eliminate any man made sources of EMF. Armed with flashlights we performed another EMF sweep of the crib and found that it was still enveloped in a strong EMF field. Lisa and I went to the living room to discuss what might be causing the EMF when we both saw a “dark shape” run behind the curtain separating the living room and kitchen. Lisa and I were the only people in the house at that time and the family did not have any pets.

We both ran into the kitchen to find whatever had run past the doorway and discovered that the room was empty and the back door was locked from the inside. We went outside and asked the other team member if they had seen anyone or anything enter or exit the house and they all reported that Lisa and me were the only ones that they saw. We went back in the house with our St Benedict’s Crosses and Holy Water to bless the crib, the bedroom and the entire house. We recited the Exorcism Prayer from the St Benedict’s Cross and applied Holy Water to the entire area, then we went outside and blessed the four corners of the house.

After the ceremony, we once again check the crib for EMF and discovered that it had vanished. Strangely, the entire house was free of the EMF fields. It seemed to take on a new, brighter, happier appearance. It has been eight months since the exorcism and the family says that there have been no further occurrences of demonic attacks or activity.

Bruce Cline is the Director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society based in Carbondale, IL. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army as a Corps of Engineers Officer. He is a former municipal, county and state law enforcement officer. Bruce lives in Carbondale, IL with his wife, Lisa and several cats and dogs.



  1. Bruce Cline, Director - LITTLE EGYPT GHOST SOCIETY says:

    The house in this story was in a very bad state of repair as was the rest of the neighborhood it was in. It is possible that this neglect could have added to the horrifying activity at the site.


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