Explore the Secrets of Dillinger Cemetery

By Bruce Cline, director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society

Photo composition By Peter Velter

Photo composition By Peter Velter

Located between Carbondale and Desoto is a small country cemetery that has long been known for strange happenings late at night.  Local legend says that on certain nights the cemetery appears to “flip” into a mirror image of itself.  One night we decided to go there after I got off work at 11:30PM.  We brought along our ghost hunting kit with EMF meters, EVP recorders and pyrometers.

We turned onto the lonely country lane that the cemetery is located on and parked our car in front of the main gate.  There was a full moon that night and we were able to get a good view of the various gravestones.  We waited in the silence of the moonbeams for the cemetery to “flip”.  And not a “flipping” thing happened.  We did however get some high readings on our EMF meters just in front of the main gate.

After waiting several minutes with nothing of interest happening, we went back to the car and sat for awhile longer.  After about 5 minutes, I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a tall, thin smoky mist like entity standing at the rear bumper of our car.  Right at this moment our EMF meters detected a strong electromagnetic field.  As we sat there and watched the figure, it began to move to the passenger side of the car.

The smoky mist began to evaporate into thin air as it approached the passenger door.  We left the area later with nothing additional to report. When we got back to Carbondale we pulled into a lighted parking lot and I got out of the car.  When I walked to the rear of our car, I noticed that there were 2 dusty hand prints on my otherwise clean car.  These hand prints corresponded exactly with where the entity was standing.

It was as if someone or something had risen out of a grave and left its mark. Normally, hand prints are left on a “dusty” car.  It was the exact opposite in this case.  My car was clean and the hand prints were dusty.  Could this be an effect of the “flipping” cemetery with the hand prints being the reverse of what they should have been?

Bruce Cline is the Director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society based in Carbondale, IL. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army as a Corps of Engineers Officer. He is a former municipal, county and state law enforcement officer. Bruce lives in Carbondale, IL with his wife, Lisa and several cats and dogs.


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