Mysteries of the Rose Hotel – Part 3 of 3

By Bruce Cline, director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society

We set up motion detectors throughout the hotel. At approximately 3:00AM, the motion detector in the Charlotte Room went off repeatedly with corresponding EMF readings of 2.3 to 2.6 milligauss. In the front lobby we took a photograph about midnight that showed the face of a young lady looking in the front window. There was on one outside the hotel at the time. This photograph was positively identified by Sandy Vinyard as one of her former workers who was killed in a car crash about a year previous.

Many times our group would smell the scent of cigars, bacon cooking (at night), lavender and logs burning when none of those items were present in or near the hotel at the time. We would hear voices and the sound of a small dog barking as well as footsteps and doors creaking open and shut upstairs when no one was up there.

There is a small graveyard behind the hotel where several members of the McFarlan family as well as some of the servants and guests are buried. Many of the graves are unmarked.

LEGS in Action - Photo by Bruce Cline

We were at the Rose Hotel filming a TV commercial. After filming, we decided to do a little ghost hunting in the McFarlan Suite. Sandy Vinyard, the proprietor of the Hotel was present with us when she heard the floor start to “creak”. At that moment, Jim and I started getting readings on our K2 and Ghost Meter EMF meters. We were able to trace the EMF field to a location near the center of the suite. We quickly realized that the EMF field was confined to an area the size and shape of an adult human! When we placed our hands into this EMF field, we discovered that the temperature was 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. At that point, the EMF field moved and we tracked it to an area near the fire place. Once again, the temperature inside the EMF field was noticeably cooler than the surrounding area. At this point the eclectic power went off in the McFarlan Suite, but not in any other area of the hotel. After we exited the suite, the power mysteriously came back on. We then rechecked the entire suite and could not relocate the EMF field. We firmly believe that this was the spirit of Tote Wood once again playfully letting us know that he still keeps watch over the nearly 200 year old Rose Hotel.

Happy Hauntings,
Bruce L. Cline, C.P.I.

Bruce Cline is the Director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society based in Carbondale, IL. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army as a Corps of Engineers Officer. He is a former municipal, county and state law enforcement officer. Bruce lives in Carbondale, IL with his wife, Lisa and several cats and dogs.



  1. Ghost Stalker says:

    I’ve heard of the Little Egypt Ghost Society and think what they are doing is awsome. They really know their stuff. I hope you post more stories from them in the future.


  2. tamera says:

    Nice. Like see.en you have a lot of cats and a few dogs. Have you looked up any history on the civil war in mo. I think there could be a lot of stories.


    • Bruce Cline says:


      We are very interested in Civil War history. Since we are based in Carbondale, IL, it is just a short trip across the river into Missouri.

      If you have any locations in mind for the LITTLE EGYPT GHOST SOCIETY to investigate, just drop us a line at:

      We are always on the lookout for new locations to explore the history, mystery and hauntings of the area.

      Bruce Cline, Director
      Carbondale, IL


  3. were ya’ll scared



  1. […] In 2009, the Little Egypt Ghost Society investigated the hotel and captured a photo of a strange reflection that appeared in the mirror of the McFarlan Suite. They compared it to photographs in an old hotel scrapbook and determined it was an image of the ghost of a former servant named Tote. Another anomalous photo appeared to show a woman in old-fashioned dress, which they believed to be a former hotel operator named Maimee Rose. The group also recorded several EVPs and heard a number of out-of-place voices. You can read Bruce Cline’s description of their findings in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. […]


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