Mysteries of the Rose Hotel – Part 1 of 3

By Bruce Cline, director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society

By far, our most interesting and productive paranormal investigations have taken place at the Rose Hotel. The Rose Hotel is located in Elizabethtown, Illinois on the banks of the Ohio River. The oldest wing of the hotel was built about 1830, with additions built about 1848 and 1866. It is owned by the State of Illinois and is leased by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency to Sandy Vinyard who maintains the structure as a bed and breakfast. The exterior is restored to its 1866 appearance.

Rose Hotel in Elizabethtown, Illinois - Photo by Bruce Cline

We were invited by Sandy Vinyard to investigate reports of paranormal activity that had been occurring at the Rose Hotel on a regular basis. Sandy and many of her guests have reported sounds coming from parts of the hotel (it only has 6 guest rooms) where no one was present. These noises were said to sound like “a party is going on up there.” Objects have been mysteriously moved, only to reappear sometime later in a different location of the hotel. Pennies, in groups of three are found on a continuous basis throughout the hotel.

Our team captured the image of one of the former servants, Tote Wood, in a mirror in the McFarlan Suite. The image was positively identified by Sandy Vinyard using the hotel scrap book containing old photographs of the hotel and staff. We tried to debunk our photo, even going so far as to video tape the entire process, but could not reproduce the image.

Check out part 2 of this investigative report on Wednesday, and read more about the Little Egypt Ghost Society in this article by the Daily Register.



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