Strange Creature Photographed in the Backwoods of Louisiana

Deer stand camera snaps bizarre animal
December 9, 2010, 10:57 PM EST
WDTN Channel 2

“BERWICK, Louisiana (WVLA) – A deer hunter captures a spooky image wandering through the Louisiana woods at night. A hunter near Baton Rouge says he found this freaky photo on his deer stand camera. The hunting camera was broken but the memory card was still there and so was this bizarre image. It looks like a cross between a human and an animal, with long slender appendages and glowing eyes. The hunter says he just hopes it’s a vegetarian, if he runs into it in the woods again.”

A video report can be seen here at NBC33 in Baton Rouge



  1. Verace says:

    Looks like a zombie to me.


  2. thats me


  3. cory jan 17, 11 says:

    they’ve spotted ghandi lmfao!!!!


  4. friends of mine said there friends saw this same monster in free town indiana


  5. chris says:

    It’s just my mother -in-law.


  6. G. Hartzog says:

    Around 5 am, I saw a winged beast fly between myself and the semi-truck rolling south on 964, north of Zachary. It blocked my view of the truck ahead of me. Has anyone seen or heard of any such thing?


  7. here comes Amos!


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