Explore the Secrets of Starved Rock State Park!

Starved Rock State ParkThe New Issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois has Arrived!

Starved Rock State Park is a natural, scenic woodland park surrounding a large butte overlooking the Illinois River. It contains 18 canyons and 13 miles of trails. American Indians inhabited the site for several thousand years before the French arrived and built a fort at the location. According to legend, Potawatomi Indians trapped a group of Illiniwek on the butte and starved them into submission, giving the rock formation its name. In March 1960, three women were murdered in the park, and their bodies were found in one of the canyons. Eventually, a man named Chester Weger was convicted of the crime. Some visitors to the park have claimed to hear groans and other disembodied voices amidst the rock formations. If that wasn’t enough, there are also rumors of buried treasure!

Plus, don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the adventures of The Fallen in Illinois – 4 years in the making – Only in our December issue!

Download entire issue (in .pdf)

Download this entire issue in .PDF, featuring the history & hauntings of Starved Rock, the adventures of The Fallen, and much more by clicking the “add to cart” button above or this link. You are now able to edit the price field, so you can pay whatever you think the issue is worth (min of .50)! Clicking on the image of Page 1 will take you to a short preview of the “quick and dirty guide” section of the issue.

From  “The Fallen Investigate”:

From the perspective of the eight cloaked figures that slowly emerged from the trees, they had cornered two of their prey: a young man dressed in a black leather coat and a young woman wearing a dark blue dress and a black tuxedo tail jacket. The two stood at the edge of the cliff with their backs to the open air. It would only be a matter of time before the acolytes caught the others, who had most likely ran off down one of the trails. A series of perverse smiles grew across their lips, which was all that was visible under their thick, brown hoods.


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