Interview with Dan Norvell of Small Town Paranormal

Dan Norvell is founder of Small Town Paranormal and for the past year has worked to raise awareness of the damage caused by vandals to Blood’s Point Cemetery in Boone County.

Why were you first interested in Blood’s Point Cemetery, and how did you become involved in helping to restore it?

I was interested in Bloodspoint Cemetery because of all of the stories that I had heard growing up in the area.  What really peaked my interest is all of the vandalism to the cemetery.  In one weekend, the cemetery suffered more than 8,000 dollars of damage to the stones.  When people hold the final resting place of others in such disregard, that just lit the flame under me.

What does Dan have to say about the vandalism at Blood’s Point Cemetery? What are his plans for the Small Town Paranormal Cemetery Crawl?

Check out the entire interview here and find out!


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