A Secret Past

An artist's sketch of some members of "The Fallen" based on eyewitness reports

Are The Fallen a serious paranormal team or dangerous amateurs?
By Fess Parker
Paranormal Review & Gazette
Dateline: October 8, 2010

Not much is known about the origins of the mysterious order called The Fallen. Working in the shadows, the quintet has investigated the often dangerous, misunderstood, and hidden forces of this world while frequently eliciting the ire or grudging admiration of those around them. Officially, the members of The Fallen deny their existence.

What is known about the group is mostly rumor or pieced together from police reports or the testimony of their detractors. Bill Tucker, a member of the Pan-Continental Paranormal Research Society, does not think The Fallen should be taken seriously. “It’s just a group of kids, that’s all,” he said. “I don’t understand why everyone whispers when they talk about them – like they’re afraid to say the group’s name out loud. They’ve never even been on TV – how could they be a legitimate research team?”

Internet chat rooms and message boards tell a different story, however. Ever since 2007, rumors have circulated about The Fallen’s activities in Illinois. Even their detractors have to admit the impact the group has had since they first surfaced in the Midwest. After four years, however, the group has yet to post evidence online, attend a paranormal conference, or even come out with a website, leading many to speculate about their activities.

“I heard they were a secret government organization sent to cover up UFO sightings in Illinois,” Mark, 17, speculated.

“I’m in love with Davin,” one admirer recently confessed on a message board. “He’s so enigmatic.”

Last July, The Fallen were picked up by the local sheriff for trespassing at Aux Sable Cemetery. “We don’t tolerate any kind of shenanigans,” one officer in the department said. “Still, there was something different about this group. I could tell they knew what they were doing and were totally calculating about it. Honestly, we are considering them dangerous and will arrest them on sight if they ever come back here.” The officer agreed to be interviewed for this article on condition of anonymity.

The Paranormal Review & Gazette will continue to bring you the latest information about this group’s activities. Should you happen upon The Fallen, this reporter recommends you keep your distance and take detailed notes. We have set up a tip tine where you can send information about their whereabouts.


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