Our Interview with Matt Hucke of

Matt Hucke is the webmaster of, one of the oldest and most well-known cemetery sites on the Internet. He is also co-author (along with Ursula Bielski) of the book “Graveyards of Chicago.”

Where does your fascination with cemeteries come from? How many have you visited?

It began as a fascination with ghosts.

As far back as I can recall, I’ve been interested in ghosts. It began when I was about ten years old, when stories about hauntings would appear on TV shows like “That’s Incredible!” At first, these frightened me to the extent that I’d leave the room until the segment was over – but as time grew on, I became more curious, would peek at the TV from around the door frame. And eventually I grew to relish the feeling of fear; I’d eagerly await televised ghost stories.

I read all the ghost books I could get my hands on. First, there was the occasional ghost story in Cricket magazine; later, I moved on to non-fiction ghost books by Daniel Cohen and Richard Winer. I was about twelve or thirteen when I read “the Amityville Horror”, which terrified me, but I kept returning to it, unable to look away. I discovered H.P. Lovecraft at about the same time, and was then forever hooked on tales of supernatural terror…

Read the rest of this excellent interview by clicking this link


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