Dare to Navigate the “Death Curve”

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On the morning of Saturday September 30, 1905, while her husband labored in a neighboring field, a woman named Julia Markham murdered her seven children with an ax in the house near this curve in Timber Ridge Road. Julia had carefully planned the massacre and tried to commit suicide afterward, but the knife that she used to cut her throat was too dull. Wounded, she doused her house with coal oil and lit it on fire. When rescuers arrived and discovered the gruesome scene, Julia lived only long enough to confess to the crime.

Decades passed, and the ruin of the Markham’s home was plowed over. Their aging, red barn remained, however, and became a focal point for local teens who grew up hearing stories about the murders. Facts blurred and people began to report seeing the ghost of Julia Markham along the roadside. They blamed accidents at the curve in Timber Ridge Rd. on her ghost.

Download this entire issue, featuring the history & hauntings of the Cambridge “Death Curve,” the adventures of The Fallen, trivia, fan support, and much more! Also, don’t miss our exclusive interview with Matt Hucke, webmaster of and co-author of Graveyards of Chicago.

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From “The Fallen Investigate”:

The Fallen’s arrival did not go unnoticed. The four members of P.C.P.R.S., along with Fess Parker (the Paranormal Review and Gazette reporter), stopped talking and stared at the dark blue Toyota as it approached. Their eyes betrayed an equal measure of envy and hatred. Although the Pan-Continental Paranormal Research Society had chalked up countless interviews and television appearances, The Fallen had an uncanny access to paranormal phenomenon. Everywhere they went, potential clients spoke of The Fallen in hushed tones somewhere between fear and curiosity.

Mike Says: Yeah, we probably should have avoided a direct confrontation with the P.C.P.R.S., but they’ve had it coming to them. They have been on our backs since we first came to Illinois in 2007. How? Let’s just say they never laid out the welcome mat. Oh, and then there was the time they kept telling our enemies where we were and calling the cops on us whenever we went somewhere. Yes, the payback was sweet.


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