Testing the Bridge

Charisma, 27, was a resident of Monmouth for many years and had her own interesting encounter at the area’s “Crybaby Bridge” as she and a friend tested the legend:

“I grew up in Monmouth, living there most of my life, and of course had heard all of the stories about crybaby bridge. A few years ago, I met someone who had just moved to town and we got to talking about the bridge and all of the ‘happenings’ out there. Both being quite skeptical because it sounds a lot like an urban legend, we decided to check it out one day. We got in the car and headed out to the small, hidden road off of US 67-N where the bridge is located. The actual bridge is at the bottom of a relatively steep hill that you would come to after going around a sharp curve to the left. It’s also a very narrow road that only one car will fit down.

At the bottom of the hill, we stopped to investigate a bit. The area of the road where the actual bridge sits over the shallows of cedar creek is completely flat with no slope whatsoever. Putting the car into neutral, it started to slowly inch forward until the end of the bridge, then it just stopped…”

Find out what happened next! Download this entire issue, featuring the history & hauntings of Monmouth’s Crybaby Bridge, the adventures of The Fallen, trivia, and much more! Also, don’t miss our exclusive interview with Angie Johnson, who has photographed over 550 cemeteries in Illinois!


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