Our Interview with Pete Crapia of

This is an extended version of our interview with Pete Crapia that we featured in the June 2010 issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois. Download the entire issue by clicking here.

Pete Crapia is an electronics specialist and founder of the Grove Restoration Project. As web master for the Bachelor’s Grove Research Center (, his background also consists of studying physics, psi phenomenon and local history while residing in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

When did you first become interested in Bachelor’s Grove? What sparked this fascination?

I first became interested in the cemetery back in 1996 when someone I knew was parked on the old 143rd Street pull-off near the pond. Late one night, before the popular use of email and instant messaging via the Internet, I was listening to a specific CB radio channel that was used by some of the locals. A call went out asking where their “20″ was and a response came back stating that they were out at Bachelors Grove.

Curious, I asked the person next to me where that was and moments later I was on my way to the pull-off. I couldn’t see anything once we parked and all I could hear were the sounds of frogs. It was very peaceful just listening to the frogs in pitch darkness and luckily enough there were no other cars that came by during our time there which made it all the more special. We never did leave the area of the pull-off to go inside of the cemetery itself so I never did get a chance to see any of it. But I made plans with someone there to visit the next day during daylight hours and the rest is history.

Check out this interview and more in our June 2010 issue!

The same night I made plans to visit during the day I was told that the cemetery was known for a ghost light. Otherwise I didn’t know anything else as far as the paranormal is concerned, not even specifics as to the color of the light. Having experienced some extreme paranormal events growing up the rumors of paranormal activity occurring out in the forest preserves caught my attention. Upon my first visit to the cemetery I was hooked. My love of local history, forest preserves and the paranormal all directed me toward looking into the history of the area and spending many hours out there. While pursuing documents I became even more fascinated by the many newspaper articles and books out there that told of the various tales of paranormal activity that most of us associate with the area…

Read the rest of the interview!


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