Vishnu Springs: Uncover the Mystery!

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Built by Darius Hicks in 1890, Vishnu Springs has captured the imagination of Illinoisans as much in its afterlife as it did in its heyday. What remains of its three-story hotel, once majestic and full of exuberance, has become a haven for explorers looking for a thrill. Some of these unwanted visitors have returned with stories of harrowing encounters with the unknown, as well as with law enforcement, who routinely patrol the grounds. Many are unaware of the location’s rich history. Vishnu Springs is home to a number of restless ghosts. It is rumored that Darius Hicks’ wife, Maud, died in childbirth in one of the rooms of the Capital Hotel, and that a lady dressed in black has been seen wandering the grounds.

Download the entire issue, featuring the history & hauntings of Vishnu Springs, the adventures of The Fallen, trivia, and much more! Also, don’t miss our exclusive interview with Pete Crapia of!

Click on the cover above to read a section from the new issue, or click here to order the complete issue in .pdf.

From “The Fallen Investigate”:

The trio rushed as fast as they could down the hill, avoided tripping over any fallen branches, and sloshed through a shallow stream that flowed over the path. Greg got to the clearing first, and thinking it was safe to do so, he flicked on his flashlight. He scanned the area for any sign of the fabled spring. Finally, the beam from his electric torch fell on a shallow pool of water about twenty yards away, which was coated in green with a layer of thick algae. This looks just as likely as any other spot, he thought, and he signaled to his friends to join him.

As Davin and Misa caught up, Greg stuffed his flashlight into the pocket of his cargo shorts, pulled out a small jar, unscrewed the lid, and knelt down to dip it in the water. As he did so, Misa froze. She heard what the others hadn’t—under the chorus of insects and the whisper of the wind blowing through the trees, the wheels of a car slowly ground the gravel on the trail.

“Do you remember how I said I would tell you if there was anyone else here?” she asked. Without waiting for a response, she added, “Someone’s here.”

Davin Says:I’ve never been as intimidated on any investigation as this one, not even when we almost got caught at Sunset Haven. I know this particular investigation was so critical, and to have been nabbed by the cops would have ruined everything. The heat is really on now. There’s no telling what could happen in the next few months – it will determine everything.”


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