Meet the Ghosts of Willow Creek Farm!

Willow Creek Farm dates back to 1838 when William Boardman and his wife Mary staked out a claim in Cherry Grove Township, Carroll County and erected a log cabin there. According to public records, the current farmhouse dates back to 1878, although there is evidence to suggest it was built more than a decade earlier. In 2006, Albert Kelchner, the farm’s current owner, bought the property and immediately sensed that he was sharing his house with some invisible guests. He began to record his encounters and has invited mediums and paranormal investigators to his farm in the hopes of corroborating his experiences. Home to as many as seven identified ghosts and as many as a dozen others, Willow Creek Farm has been called one of the most active haunted sites in Illinois.

Download the entire issue, featuring the history & hauntings of Willow Creek Farm, the adventures of The Fallen, a special report on the Forest City Paranormal Society investigation of the farm, and much more!

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Ron Fabiani, founder of the Chicago Paranormal Detectives – now the subject of the TV show “Paranormal Cops” on A&E!

Click on the cover above to read a section from the new issue, or click here to download the complete issue.


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