Encounter at the Seventh Ave Dead End

Carla fumbled with the keys to her 2002 Ford Escape on the parkway of Seventh Avenue, just east of downtown Sterling. It was night, but the moonlight reflected off the fresh snow just enough to find the key hole. Her head swam. She had drank one more Goose Island than she intended, and was paying for it with the eternity it seemed to take to get into her car.

She was so concentrated on the task at hand that she almost failed to notice the shape out of the corner of her eye–almost. She spun around. “Hello?” she called out. There was nothing but the deserted street. A porch light turned on, and the chilly breeze brought with it the distant sound of crying.

Carla immediately thought of the river just a few yards away, past the railroad tracks. Was someone hurt? She shoved her keys back into her purse and stumbled toward the dead end. Her shoes clicked on the brick street, and the sound echoed among the darkened homes. She stopped at the metal guard rail and strained to see beyond the railroad tracks. For a brief moment, she thought she caught a glimpse of a figure standing among the barren trees at the riverbank. “Hello?” she yelled. “Are you ok?”

Suddenly, a male voice called out through a nearby screen door. “Who’s out there? What’s going on?”

“I think someone needs help,” Carla replied, turning her head momentarily to face the new interloper. When she turned her head back toward the railroad tracks beyond the Seventh Avenue dead end, the mysterious figure was gone…

Click here to download the entire issue!

Download our entire issue featuring the history & hauntings of the Seventh Avenue Dead End, the adventures of The Fallen, trivia, a brand new section for the skeptics among us, and much more! Click here to download.


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