What lurks beyond the Seventh Avenue dead end?

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While rumors of deaths along the nearby railroad tracks and the banks of the Rock River have circulated for years, one phantom in particular has captured the imaginations of residents of Sterling, Illinois. She is the ghost of a weeping woman who wanders the tracks just beyond the Seventh Avenue dead end, searching for her missing children. Having lost those most dear to her, she is doomed to spend eternity there.

Join us as we explore this mysterious location! Included in this issue is a brand new section for the skeptics among us, trivia, and letters from our readers. Of course, you won’t want to miss the adventures of your favorite paranormal investigators, The Fallen. In this issue, they encounter the weeping woman of the Seventh Avenue dead end!

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  1. James Roberts says:

    I grew up in the big brick house with the red stone roof, the last house on the dead end road, 104 7th avenue. The house is famous for it’s paranormal activities with many sightings and events. A psychic upon entering the home immediately left after entering saying there were many bad evil spirits there. My Mother seen and experienced the most but I as well as my friends, baby sitters and other family members seen alot as well. I plan to get a hold of all these people and gather more information on this haunted home and tell it’s story in detail.


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