Glowing Specters from Beyond the Grave?

Vol3Issue11Harrison Cemetery is one of Southern Illinois’ most interesting haunted cemeteries. It is home to two luminous phantoms, as well as haunting, ethereal tones. If you can get past the glowing ghosts of a man and a woman who are said to guard the cemetery, you will discover a small monument in the form of a piano. Although locked in stone, this unique headstone is said to be the source of the ghostly music.

Join us as we explore this mysterious location! Also included in this issue is an exclusive interview with Larry Wilson, a paranormal investigator from central Illinois who has created an independent documentary on Ridge Cemetery and Williamsburg Hill titled “Strange Williamsburg Hill.” Don’t forget to check out a brand new section of the Legends and Lore of Illinois: a photocomic staring your favorite paranormal investigators, The Fallen!

Click on the cover above to read a section from the new issue, or click here to download the complete issue.



  1. Great issue as always! I would love to see more local stories from Southern Illinois. As an investigator I am always happy to learn of new places to investigate. BTW, does anyone know the location of the Hungarian Cemetery in Ledford?


  2. Chad, would love to provide you exact directions to graveyard. Friends and I were there today actually. Once into Ledford, directions get a little rough due to the graveyard’s location is in a patch of woods slightly hidden by weeds until into the woods which turns into a path. Would be great for you to investigate this graveyard! Would love to know more about the history beside what the generations of teens have passed down as haunted stories and satanic rituals.
    Let me know how i may reach you for better directions


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