Twin Sister’s Woods Wrap-up

Davin1 Davin: I was impressed with Twin Sister’s Woods. Despite Emmer’s naysaying, I know we felt something paranormal going on in those woods. It might not have been as obvious as a ghost, but both me and Greg saw something at that gnarled tree in the woods.

And you can’t ignore the way Casey was acting. The only time she acts that way is when we go somewhere that is reputedly haunted. All that adds up to some compelling evidence for me.


Emmer1 Emmer: What are you talking about? Do you even know what the word “evidence” means? “Feeling something” is meaningless. That’s not evidence. I feel strange things all the time, and then it turns out that I ate too much Taco Bell the night before.

As for that mutt, every time she acts “strangely” you guys think that means something paranormal is going on. Do you pay any attention to her at any other time? No. How do you know she doesn’t act that way at home in the yard? She did grow up in the wild, you know. We found her in a trap in the woods near Old Union Cemetery, remember? She’s probably nervous all the time.

At any rate, I wasn’t impressed by Twin Sister’s Woods. It’s just a bunch of stoned kids making up stories.

Greg1 Greg: I wouldn’t discount Casey so easily. It’s true she did grow up in the wild, and that’s all the more reason to believe she might be more sensitive to the paranormal. She is half coyote. You know the American Indians hold coyotes in high regard for their insight into the spirit world.

And besides, just because a lot of teenagers hang out in those woods and drink, that doesn’t mean it isn’t haunted. A drunk person can see a ghost just as much as someone who isn’t drunk. They might even be more susceptible to it because their brain’s usual defense mechanisms are compromised.

I usually don’t agree with Davin, but I think he’s right. You didn’t see those shadows slithering up the tree. There’s something in those woods.

Emmer1 Emmer: Oh brother.

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  1. Hey now, I live in Rockford and have heard very few stories about those woods. Kids from East High school have had to stare out their classroom windows at the area since my mother was a student there.

    I do have to take issue with Mike’s reference to the park as “one of the only wooded areas” in Rockford. It is called the forest city for our many parks and wooded areas… you should check out Atwood Park, South of town, and the New Milford Cemetary that’s adjoined to it for some interesting history. Or Aldeen Park, behind the Rockford College campus -lots of strange vibes and stories from the woods behind that dam.


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