The Headless Woman of Cumberland Cemetery

6A long time ago, a farm occupied the land that would become Cumberland Cemetery. The farmer and his wife lived there happily tilling the fields and taking care of their animals. They were quite content on their own. After a time, however, more families moved into the area, along with quite a few bachelors.

The farmer never had any reason to suspect infidelity on the part of his wife before, but he began to suspect she was having an affair with one of the young men who now hung around his farm looking for work. Crazed with jealousy, the farmer cornered his wife in their barn and confronted her. Despite her pleas and denials, the farmer took his ax and chopped off her head. From then on, her ghost stalked the cemetery, searching for her missing head.

Or was it for revenge?

Check out the new issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois, packed full of information about the legends of Cumberland Cemetery. Also, read the latest adventure of The Fallen and our exclusive interview with Brian Hendrian!



  1. Susie Mitchell says:

    I was wondering where this Cumberland Cemetry is located?


    • william e, staudt says:

      Trying to locate my g grandmother Elizabeth Etter in Cumberland cemetry


    • Pam Miller says:

      it is located between wenona and magnolia, basically in the middle of nowhere, best bet is get on merdian road off of wenona road, first road to the right take it, then the first road to the left take it, go up the hill will take ya right to the cemetary


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