Aux Sable Cemetery

Vol3Issue7smallI apologize for the unusual nature of this post, but I am on vacation and I won’t be able to post the new issue with the same fanfare as I usually do. When I return, I will make a separate page for this issue just like the others, until then, you can download the new issue by clicking the link below, or by clicking the cover image to your right.

Aux Sable Cemetery outside of Mokena has been a thorn in the side of local authorities for years. A search of the local newspaper brings up dozens of arrests that have taken place there. The cemetery itself is tucked behind a highway and rumored to be the home of the ghost of a little girl. An old, stone shed is also thought to be a gateway to Hell, although if anyone has ever gone through the gate, they have yet to tell us about it!

Click here to download the new issue: Aux Sable Cemetery!


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