Return of the Hatchet Lady

nationCrickets chirped in the woods around Moon Creek. On the rutted road leading to Moon Point Cemetery, Tom shown his flashlight under the hood of his aging Dodge Ram 50, while Angie paced nervously, rubbing her arms for warmth.

“There’s nothing wrong under here,” Tom said, scratching his head.

Suddenly, branches snapped and the distinctive sound of grass being tossed about cut through the air. Tom and Angie knew they were not alone.

Angie’s eyes grew wide as she caught a glimpse of a stout figure lurking at the end of the road less than twenty yards away. It walked slowly toward them and wore a long, ragged dress that looked like a thrift store reject. Then, something in its hand flashed in the moonlight.

Read more about the hatchet lady of Moon Point Cemetery in our May issue.



  1. Doing a horror short this fall about our dear old Moon Creek Cemetery. We’re having auditions in Los Angeles on June 26-28 and will begin filming September 19th. The Hatchet Lady is in it, of course, a Sasquatch (yeah), and a new character based on my Streator, IL childhood: Crazy Carl. Hopefully it will be as scary when completed as it is getting it made.


  2. Thanks Mike,

    If we get the first feature made I already have the idea for the sequel, now that I read your teaser. Drop me a line. We should talk about that. I’d also like to use your vignette in the short. It would give you a SAG writing credit.



  3. Jason Tyler says:

    There used to be a gave with a wrought iron cage over it at Moon Point cemetery,just wondering why no pics of it on this site..and why would someone put a cage over a grave??? hmmmm


  4. my aunt went out there once she said they got to the train tracks and the train stopped and there car got stuck in the snow then they had a tow truck get them out than that truck got stuck so they needed a nether, freaky right the lady must not of wanted them to leave.


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