Brian Hendrian on Chautauqua-Con 2009

LLI: What is the Chautauqua Auditorium and how did you get involved in its restoration?

Brian: The Chautauqua Building was built in 1903. It’s a 20 sided 150 ft diameter structure with 15,000 sq ft of total interior floor space, that is very unique and is proclaimed to be the largest wooden auditorium of its kind left in the world. I am a local to Shelbyville and ran across newspapers that the city was asking for help. I then contacted my good friend John from the Joliet Paranormal Society soon after with the conference/fundraiser idea and it took off from there.

LLI: Where does the name “Chautauqua” come from?

Brian: Good question. There is actually many meanings of the word and from what we have found it originated from the native american indian language.

LLI: Have there ever been any ghostly sightings at the auditorium?

Brian: None that im aware of.

LLI: (Aside from myself) who are some of the guest speakers at the event?

Brian: Chris Dedmen – Angelic Ross – Don Keating – Dr. Tim Harte – Jeff Rezman and more to come.

LLI: What has the public response been like so far? Do you expect people from out of state?

Brian: The response has been great with actually better than expected. We expect to have many from out of state.

LLI: How can someone order tickets? Where is the best place to stay/eat in Shelbyville when visitors do come to the convention?

Brian: You can find everything you need at our website

You can read more about the convention in this article from the Herald & Review: It’s creepy and it’s spooky: Chautauqua fundraiser features experts on ‘mythical’ creatures, paranormal.


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