Vol. 3 Issue 2: Ramsey Cemetery!

vol3issue2smallRamsey is an eclectic cemetery located north of Effingham, Illinois.  It is home to a variety of phenomena including haunted “caves.”  These rock formations are difficult to find, but if you happen to discover them, you might be treated to the sight of the werewolf who makes his home among the rocks, or be terrified by the man in black with glowing red eyes.

The cemetery itself is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who committed suicide there, and one unverified rumor tells of a warlock who met his fate at the end of a rope on the old tree outside of the gates.  Join The Fallen as they attempt to shed light on these mysteries.

Click on the cover above to read a section from the new issue, or click here to download the complete issue.



  1. Travis says:

    I’ve been there, just yesterday actually. It’s kin of creepy on the road that leads there, you practically dirve right ontop of a river., once false move and you’re soaked. It’s very open and sets ontop of a hill that has a great view. Your eyes cab play tricks on you while you’re there, the wind was blowing everything around, sometimes making me jump, and I kind of got the feeling that someone or something was watching me. It’s a well kept cemetary, the grass is mowed and the road is black top. And I think I found the cave on my way out. It off to the left in a hill side you’ll miss is if you don’t look for it. I havent’ gone in yet but I think I plan on it sometime, I think? With silver bullets and all.


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