19 Spooktacular Halloween Decorations For Your Home

Halloween decorations
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

One of the most awaited holidays is Halloween! Trick or treating, costume parties, we love that! One thing we also love is Halloween decorations! But before that, let’s get into the history of our beloved holiday.

Halloween is an event celebrated on 31st October of every year. It originally started with the festival of Samhain. Aside from that, it was also believed that the ghosts of the dead return to earth on this day. On this occasion, people wear costumes to turn aside the danger of evil and light bonfires.

This occasion is observed to dedicate and remember the dead especially saints and martyrs. Pope Gregory III in the eighth century nominated 1st November as a day to honour the saints, martyrs and those who departed faithfully from this world. It is also believed that the date was the beginning of dark, cold winter season. The evening before was named as All Hallows Eve and end of the harvest season. With the passage of time, All Hallows Eve turned into Halloween. Now it is an exciting and joyful event of the year for the people of every age. It is a day of full of activities like trick or treating, jack o-lanterns, festive gathering, and eating sweet treats wearing costumes. It is now observed non-religiously in Europe and North America.

Kids, youngsters, elders, men, women love and enjoy this season. The decoration, games, and activities give lot of fun to every person any age. These parties are incomplete without wearing costumes and Halloween decoration.

Ideas For Halloween Decorations

halloween decoration, jack o lantern
Photo from Pixabay

Halloween is not limited to only costume, candy or theme parties. In addition to those, you can show your creativity by decorating your house. There are many do it yourself (DIY) techniques and ideas for decoration. With these crazy DIY decorations, your home will look unique and also scary. Firstly, let’s discuss the decoration ideas by location.

Halloween Decorations For Your Yard

Here we are going to discuss the different ideas to decorate your yard to create the will get people’s attention.

Glowing Spooky Eyes

halloween decorations, spooky eyes
Photo by rustandsunshine

You can put glowing spooky eyes around your yard. As make it scary and joyful in the night. Learn how to make them!

Bookish Outdoor Decoration

Halloween decoration, books door
Photo by CountryLiving

You can decorate your front door with the jackets of horror books for a spine-chilling entrance. Make them easily with the construction paper letter stencils and glowing colours.

Halloween Black Cats

Halloween decoration, Black cats
Photo by Sunset

Halloween black cats can be made by stacked pumpkins. Spooky black cats to watch over the tricks-or-treaters at your outdoor. You will need a few elongated pumpkins for the body and round ones for the face. Check out the DIY tutorial.

Door With Brooms

Halloween decoration, door with brooms
Photo by CountryLiving

Be witchy! For this idea, you need few vintage brooms. Once you get those, you can hang the brooms through small holes. It is simple, classy, but nonetheless, very spooky.

Spider Web With A Giant Spider

Spider with web
Photo by momendeavors

Let a huge spider guard your lawn and watch out for trick or treaters. But of course, don’t forget about its home, a spider web! Here’s how you can do this.

Halloween Decorations For Your Porch

To make this season more wonderful, we have compiled the ideas to decorate your porch. Not only these decoration ideas are fun and easy, but also very enjoyable! Also, trick or treaters will find them spooky and awesome!

Traditional Halloween Decorations

pumpkin, house, halloween decorations
From countryliving.com

You just need many pumpkins, long stem plants and you are ready to go. Create an array of pumpkins or just follow the steps of porch. In addition, place the garland around the porch door. This decoration idea will enhance the beauty of porch of the house.

Hanging Bats

bats, halloween decorations
From marthastewart.com

You can turn your porch into a bat cave. These bats easily created with any kind of paper, such as construction paper. You can also make this a bonding time for the family! Surely, this will make your porch look very spooky!

Cosy Halloween Rocking Chairs

halloween decorations, pillows
From homedit.com

Yes, halloween is the time for the scary and spooky, but it can also be cosy! This easy and sophisticated idea is good if you are looking for an easy Halloween decoration. All you need are two rocking chairs with sleepover pillows and a jack-o-lantern. Aside from being easy to do, this will also look amazing.

Black And White Halloween Topiary

topiary, halloween decorations
From tatertotsandjello.com

If you want a less orange on your porch, then you can try making this black and white topiary. You just need to paint the three pumpkins with white and other two with black. Afterwards, stack them to create a Halloween topiary in the porch. This is a cute and scary way to welcome your guests.

Floating Witch Hats Luminaries

witch hat, halloween decorations
From polkadotchair.com

Another witchy decoration for the witch lovers out there! First, you need witch hats, fishing lines, and light sticks. Then insert the light sticks inside the hats, and using the fishing lines, hang them on your porch ceiling! There you go! You have spooky luminaries, Aside from that, thy look magical because they look as if they’re floating. Try to DIY!

Halloween Decorations For Your Living Room

Dress up your living room well on Halloween! There are many ways to spice up your living room. To help you, we have compiled the ideas to decorate your living room by DIY projects.

Spooky Spirit Halloween Jugs

jugs, ghost, halloween decorations
From eighteen25.com

First, we have these jugs. These are inexpensive and easy to do. However, don’t let that fool you, because they look pretty awesome! All you need is milk jigs, black markers, and some fairy lights. Try it yourself with this DIY tutorial.

Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights

ghost lights, halloween decorations
From unoriginalmom.com

Second is these tiny ball lights. They’re pretty easy to do as well – kids can do this! Aside from being easy to create, they’re also inexpensive. So go on and make them! Here’s how.

Halloween Mantelpiece Decor

mantelpiece, halloween decorations
From goodhousekeeping.com

For a refreshing look inside your home, why not have some brightly coloured pumpkins, fresh blooms and other accessories in your mantelpiece? These will give a bright pop of colours aside from the oranges and blacks. Here’s how you can make them.

Decorating Your Kitchen

Halloween is a time to show your crazy and scary side. Your kitchen is a sophisticated place where you cook your food and keep your things for eating in your fridge. Now, it is time to make your kitchen creepy with our best Halloween decoration ideas. We compiled these ideas for you to mark your Halloween creepy and funny this year.

Halloween Hutch

hutch, halloween decorations
From bigchill.com

You can give a spooky makeover to kitchen hutches and dish cabinets. Make jack-o-lantern themed plates and paint the spider webs on the plates. Here’s the tutorial.

Bat And Spider Magnets

magnet, refrigerator, halloween decorations
From bigchill.com

You can put bat and spider magnets on your fridge, dishwasher, and stove. You might frighten some of your guests, but that’s the fun of Halloween, right?

Ceiling Hats

hats, kitchen, halloween decorations
From bigchill.com

Witch hats hanging through the ceiling of your kitchen will look magical. You just need to hang them and clear fishing line to create the illusion that hats are floating in the air. 

Halloween Decoration Themes

Various themes make Halloween interesting and dynamic. Halloween decoration themes are spider web, graveyard, skeleton, spirits and ghosts.

Spiders And Spider Webs

spider, halloween decorations
From charcoalandcrayons.blogspot.com

Without spiders and spider webs, halloween decorations are incomplete and vague. Making spiders and spider webs are easy and you can do it with DIY steps. Creating spiders and spider web is fun activity for the kids as they learn creativity.


tomb stone, graveyard, halloween decorations
From fromhousetohome.com

Spooky tombstones or graveyards make Halloween spooky and scary. Graveyards are associated with the spirits who are gone to other world. Graveyard can be built on outdoor and indoor. Even your bed can turn into tombstone. In addition, graveyard or tombstones develop the creepy and scary side of Halloween decoration.


skeletons, halloween decorations
From bigchill.com

Skeletons and skulls are the symbolic reminders of the other world, death and human mortality. Skeleton and skulls are associated with the life and death of human.

Spirits And Ghosts

ghost, halloween decorations
From diynetwork.com

Halloween is a festival, which is observed to remember the saints, martyrs, and people who departed faithfully from this world. In old times, people believed that on the night of 31st October the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. In such a way, Halloween is associated with spirits and ghosts.

Nowadays Halloween is evolved into a fun and non-religious festival. Now Halloween is a day of activities of like trick or treating, jack o-lanterns, festive gathering, and eating sweet treats wearing costumes. There are many tales and rituals are associated with Halloween and each ritual of these relies on the goodwill.


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