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Role: Fearless Leader
Year Joined: Founding Member
Investigations to Date: 46

Favorite Bands:

Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Savatage, Children of Bodom, (old) Metallica, ICP, Bad Religion, Symphony X, Amon Amarth, Fintroll, Ensiferum, Svartsot, Turisas.


Along with Greg, Mike was one of the founding members of The Fallen.  Greg and Mike met in high school and became fast friends.   Citing a mutual interest in the paranormal (as well as a mutual exclusion from even the lowest rungs of the social ladder), they decided to form the group after an ill-fated trip to New Orleans in which they vanquished a vampire at the behest of the vampire’s half-breed daughter.

Mike and Aurelia have an even longer and more sorted history.   They were friends at a very young age, before Aurelia was sent off to a reform school.  She became nothing more than a figure in his reoccurring dreams, until more than ten years later, Mike and Aurelia were reunited at St. Sebastian’s College, where they decided that their fates must be intertwined.

Always searching for truth, Mike has been known to go to great lengths to acquire even the most obscure knowledge.  He has developed a healthy distrust of any authorities and is prone to believing the fantastical over the mundane.

Mike has been steeped in the occult since birth, and spent most of his life studying the darker side of history.   This has been both a help and a hindrance, since he is eager to attribute almost everything to a supernatural origin.   The other members of the group often have to steer him back to reality.   Despite this flaw, he remains the group’s compass and often determines what will be investigated.

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