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Role: Skeptic
Year Joined: 1999
Investigations to Date: 33

Favorite Bands:

Opeth, Ancient, Dream Theater, Borknagar, Emperor, Nightwish, Mercenary, Pink Floyd, Green Carnation, Strapping Young Lad


Mike and Greg met Emmer at a bar on a weekend excursion into town during their tenure at St. Sebastian’s College.  Overhearing their conversation about spirits and the afterlife, Emmer challenged the two to prove the rumors that his father’s bar was haunted by the ghost of its previous owner. While Mike and Greg claimed to obtain photographic evidence of the ghost, Emmer dismissed the mist on the photos as “just a bunch of steam or something.”

During their investigation, the three discovered that they had many other common interests, and Emmer decided to join The Fallen in order to offer a rational voice to counter Mike’s frequent assertions of paranormal discovery.  Emmer and Mike are both fans of dark music, while Emmer and Greg share an interest in poking fun at the other members of the group.

A staunch atheist and self-professed disbeliever, he wears his skepticism like impenetrable armor.  He always finds a way to dismiss anything The Fallen uncover on their journeys.  He has yet to be convinced by anything that has happened during his tenure with the secret fraternity, and manages to be absent during times when most paranormal phenomenon is manifest.

Despite his abrasive nature, and regardless of his assertions that he “only goes on these trips out of boredom,” his love of the darker side of American culture has won him lifelong friends in the rest of the group.

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