Role: UFO-ologist/Urban Explorer
Year Joined: 1998
Investigations to Date: 37

Favorite Bands:

Slipnot, The Offspring, (early) Blink-182, Genghis Tron, Extreme Noise Terror, Green Day, The 4-Skins, Dropkick Murphys, The Exploited, Screeching Weasel, Fall Out Boy


Davin’s parents dumped him at St. Sebastian’s College hoping that he would turn over a new leaf, since his high school years had been fraught with apathetic social involvement and nihilistic musings.  Instead, and unfortunately for them, Davin joined The Fallen after Greg and he became roommates his freshman year.  Polar opposites, they enjoyed a contentious relationship.  Greg antagonized him at every turn, until Mike realized Davin’s potential.

When he wasn’t playing computer games and carving expiration dates into his arm, he enjoyed reading about UFO’s and other mysterious phenomenon.  As a kid, Davin had borne witness to a series of strange lights that hovered over his suburban neighborhood.  His only interest became peering through his telescope and absorbing books on astronomy and alien abductions.   Mike and Greg quickly recruited him to do their dirty work, and he has been a member of the team ever since.

Davin soon dropped out of college to pursue a life of paranormal investigation, self-loathing, and debauchery.  Mike and Aurelia look on him as the dysfunctional adopted son they never had.  Without their constant intervention, he is prone to bouts of drinking and substance abuse.  Despite these failings, he can be charismatic and is the only one in the group to be readily accepted by the outside world. Despite having been roommates for a time (or perhaps because of that fact), Davin and Greg do not get along very well, but at least he has found a home.

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