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Role: Magician/Psychic-Medium
Year Joined: 1998
Investigations to Date: 42

Favorite Bands:

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rascal Flatts, Jefferson Airplane, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Grateful Dead, Gene Loves Jezebel, Elf Power, Zager and Evans, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy


Aurelia and Mike have known each other since their days in elementary school.  Unfortunately, Aurelia, or Aura for short, never got along well with her classmates and was shipped to a reform school on account of her uncontrollable temper.  Aurelia and Mike did not see each other again until they unexpectedly ran into each other at St. Sebastian’s College over ten years later.

A student of magick, Aurelia makes Fairuza Balk’s character in The Craft look like Mother Teresa.  Discarding the tired warnings of more conventional Wiccans, she chose to study both the white and the black arts.  Nine times out of ten, however, she prefers to rely on her fists rather than a spell to get even.  She can also sense the presence of ghosts, spirits, and assholes.  Her boyfriend, who wants nothing to do with the group unless he is looking for bail money, is frequently in trouble with the law. This has been a source of tension between her and Mike for many years.

Aurelia has been on nearly all of The Fallen’s missions since she joined the group and is generally known as the navigator.  Whenever Mike gets them lost, Aurelia usually leads them to their destination.  She has an uncanny ability to sense when they are near to the source of a mystery.  Some have said this is the result of help from beyond.  On more than one occasion, a mysterious spirit has appeared to help The Fallen.  Aurelia has no explanation as to why this spirit might be following her, but she is grateful for its presence.

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