Chasing Black Hawk

Situated among the rugged bluffs of Wisconsin’s “Driftless Area,” and along the main channel of the mighty Mississippi, lies a rather small, but beautifully scenic county park.  Forested with seemingly endless cottonwoods, and offering a wide array of recreational activities, the park is a popular spot for locals looking to enjoy camping, fishing, swimming and […]

The Sad Saga of the Kunz Executions

“A friendly town that bands together.”  Such is the motto of Athens, a quaint, sleepy village totaling less than two and a half square miles in north central Wisconsin.  Located about 30 miles from Wausau, the largest city in Marathon County, just over 1,000 people call Athens home, reveling in it’s small town atmosphere and […]

Horror at Taliesin

One of Wisconsin’s finest landmarks, and arguably the state’s crown jewel, is Taliesin, the sprawling 600-acre estate and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright, renowned as history’s greatest architect.   Taliesin, in Spring Green, WI, is visited by the thousands every year by those curious to see where the genius did his work, and national landmarks such […]

A Local Reviews “Making a Murderer”

The true crime genre has received a massive uptick in popular recognition over the last few weeks with “Making a Murderer,” a spell-binding documentary released by Netflix which has created a firestorm of debate across the country and around the world. Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos tell the saga of Steven Avery, a man […]

The “Capital City Killings” Part 2: Conspiracy or Cover Up?

[] Continued from Part 1… On March 27, 1979, a local woman named Julie Speerschneider mysteriously vanished without a trace. Witnesses stated they saw her at the 602 Club, which is a bar located on University Avenue in Madison. Later that night she called a friend and told them that she would be right over, […]