White Hall at Chanute Air Force Base Under Wrecking Ball


[Mysteriousheartland.com] Rantoul, Illinois — Local resident and host of Paranormal Geeks Radio Jim Heater has sent us recent photos from the demolition site of White Hall at Chanute Air Force Base. White Hall, one of the largest buildings at Chanute, was built in the 1940s and served as on base housing, offices, a post office, and mess hall. Demolition […]

Illinois’ Top 10 Military Ghosts


The call to serve is only answered by a select few, and the scars of war are some of the most enduring. While Illinois is not often noted for its military history, it is home to a number of past and present military installations and prison camps. During the Civil War, Southern Illinois saw divided […]

Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois


Chanute Air Force Base opened in Rantoul in July 1917 and was a vital part of the local economy for nearly 76 years. After its closure in 1993, much of the base was divided up into residential and commercial properties, but most of the core buildings remain abandoned. The Chanute Air Museum moved into one […]

Echoes from the Past at Chanute Air Force Base


At the Legends and Lore of Illinois, we would like to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend by bringing you the story of Chanute Air Force Base, much of which has been abandoned in Rantoul, Illinois for twenty years. Our page devoted to Chanute is by far our most commented on, with over 280 comments by […]

Flashback: Chanute Air Force Base


Hours passed. Chanute Air Force Base was quiet aside from the chorus of insects and the dog that barked incessantly in the distance. Mike, Aurelia, Greg, Emmer, and Misa stole through the darkness, past broken park benches and empty windows. Misa led the way. Her eyes pierced the nebulous shadows cast by the glow of […]


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