The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 45

[] Don’t you think it’s risky for the five of us to appear at a major university like this?” Emmet asked from the backseat, his baseball cap tilted over his eyes. Emmet, with Mike, Greg, Davin, and Aurelia, traveled east down University Drive in Mike’s battered Toyota Corolla, windows open. They blared Wintersun from the […]

Western Illinois University’s Haunted Simpkins Hall

[] For years, students and faculty in Western Illinois University’s Simpkins Hall have told stories about phantom children. Many other odd occurrences are attributed to “Harold,” a former janitor or graduate assistant who lurks among the classrooms on the third floor. After classes finish for the day, the disembodied sound of keys jingling, doors opening […]

Q&A with the Author of Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities

Michael Kleen earned a M.A. in History from Eastern Illinois University in 2008 and a M.S. in Education from Western Illinois University in 2011. He is the author of several books, including Haunting Illinois, Tales of Coles County, Six Tales of Terror, and Paranormal Illinois. Michael has spoken about local history and folklore at conventions, […]

Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities is Now Available

This is it — the print edition Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges and Universities by Michael Kleen is now available on and! Just in time for the fall, you can own a copy of the first book exclusively devoted to Illinois college folklore and ghost stories. Published by Crossroad Press, Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Western Illinois

Western Illinois, or “the Tract,” has a peculiar and unique history. Politically and economically isolated from the rest of the state, this region was nicknamed after the Illinois Military Tract of 1812, which was a section of land set aside for veterans of the War of 1812. Prior to the 1970s, there were only five […]