Lavender Lily of Traverse Road


“Thoughts of dread, Filled her head, Denied of repair, She walked in despair, Until finally the thoughts, Drifting through her got, To be so severe, We lost the poor dear, Now they say, That she chose to stay, Pretty ghost girl, when will you rest, All the children think it’d be best” poem by: Priscilla […]

Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Resurrection Cemetery


Location: Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums is located at 7201 Archer Avenue in Justice, Illinois. Chet’s Melody Lounge is located at 7400 South Archer Road in Justice, Illinois. Willowbrook Ballroom & Banquets is located at 8900 Archer Avenue in Willow Springs, Illinois. [] Resurrection Mary is undoubtedly Chicagoland’s most famous ghost. For over 70 years […]

Interview with Adam Selzer, Author of Ghosts of Chicago

Adam Selzer

Adam Selzer writes young adult novels by day, but since that only keeps him occupied until about 10 in the morning most of the time, he had the rest of the time to focus on his career as a historian specializing in places that are supposed to be haunted. He runs two or three hundred […]

Have You Ever Gone Looking for Resurrection Mary?


Flashback: Resurrection Cemetery


Mike and Aurelia entered the lobby of the imposing structure where several mourning widows stood and scanned maps of the cemetery. The man behind the main desk glanced with disgust at the two as they strode up to him. He was an elderly gentleman who wore a dark gray suit and a red boutonnière. “Excuse […]


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