Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Southern Indiana


Southern Indiana has a distinct geography from the rest of the Hoosier State, thanks to its proximity to the Ohio River. Here, the terrain becomes hilly and wooded. Tales of hearty pioneers and river barons date back to the early 1800s. At Mysterious Heartland, we have found many interesting ghost stories in this region, from […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Murder Scenes in Illinois


A murder is always traumatic, leaving behind physical and emotional scars that remain in the community for years. Every once in a while, however, a homicide leaves behind psychic scars, and ghost stories grow up around the murder scene. These stories help preserve popular memory of these traumatic events for generations. Mysterious Heartland has browsed […]

Join Richard M. Dolan and More at the Illinois UFO Conference


In exactly two weeks from today, join Richard M. Dolan, famed UFO researcher, for the Illinois UFO Conference hosted by the Illinois chapter of MUFON at Starved Rock Lodge. Check out their website for directions and to order tickets. I will also be there, recanting some of the areas most (in)famous ghost stories! From the […]

‘They Came in the Night’

The Fallen

A full moon illuminated the thin layer of snow that coated the rocks, valleys, and crags of Starved Rock State Park, causing a bluish hue to be reflected off the naked and dormant branches of the deciduous forest. Despite recent snowfall, the temperature was crisp but bearable. The air was perfectly still. Heavy footsteps tromped […]

Explore the Secrets of Starved Rock State Park!

Starved Rock State Park

The New Issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois has Arrived! Starved Rock State Park is a natural, scenic woodland park surrounding a large butte overlooking the Illinois River. It contains 18 canyons and 13 miles of trails. American Indians inhabited the site for several thousand years before the French arrived and built a […]


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