Interview with John Purvis, Off the Beaten Path in Illinois


John Purvis is a retired gentleman in his 50s. Sitting around the house staring at the walls did not appeal to him, so he bought a nice car and a nicer camera. Together with a friend, he goes out in search of adventure. Fascinated by history, he is always asking what’s next: what’s over the […]

Five Teens Charged with Trespassing in New York, Media Blames “Ghost Hunters”


WIVB Channel 4 News in Perrysburg, New York is reporting that five young adults, ages 16 to 20, have been arrested for trespassing at the JN Adam Memorial Hospital complex, a former tuberculosis sanatorium in far western New York State south of Buffalo. The JN Adam complex was designed by architect John H. Coxhead in […]


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