Mysterious Monsters of Illinois Coming to Kankakee, Oct 23


Cryptozoologist Terry Fisk will be speaking at the Kankakee Public Library in Kankakee, Illinois on October 23 at 7:00pm on the topic centering around the many Illinois reports of strange creatures, from the simply non-native to the potentially supernatural.  Specific cases covered will include the Big Muddy Monster of Murphysboro, the Kickapoo Creek Monster, and […]

What appeared to be a bluish-white mist…


“My brother Rick and I were visiting a cemetery where our great, great grandparents were buried. George and Eliza Fisk had lived in Minnesota with their twelve children, then moved to Wisconsin via covered wagon and settled there. I took a picture of their gravestone, then asked Rick to take a picture of me standing […]

Lebanon Road in Collinsville, Illinois


Late night drives are common wherever teenagers have cars, and many communities throughout Illinois have legendary roads that offer more thrills than most. Lebanon Road is one of the more interesting of these. On or around the road are seven railroad bridges, some no longer in use. All of them are heavily coated in graffiti—a […]

Elmwood Cemetery in Centralia, Illinois


Elmwood Cemetery is located in the southern Illinois’ town of Centralia off Gragg and Sycamore Streets directly west of the Raccoon Creek Reservoir. Originally called Centralia Cemetery (and sometimes referred to as such today), the graveyard was in use in the 1860s but not officially established until 1877. Its name was changed to Elmwood Cemetery […]

Chesterville Cemetery in Chesterville, Illinois


Chesterville is a small Amish and Mennonite community that consists of no more than a few dozen houses located a couple of miles away from Rockome Gardens. If you are traveling from the direction of Arcola, you will have to cross the Kaskaskia River twice to get to Chesterville cemetery, once on Route 133 and […]


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