Unreal presences in the night…


“Nobody knows when, where, or why the first ghost walked this earth. But from the time that earliest man gathered around a circle of fire, words were whispered about unreal presences in the night… shadows of the dead which refused to die. The stories were passed down through the ages, from culture to culture, and […]

Like springboards for our collective unconscious…


“Most people love a good scary story, especially if tinged with weirdness. In fact, entire websites are devoted to popularizing such myths, those tales that make the rounds both electronically and wherever humans continue to gather in the flesh. These spooky stories are like springboards for our collective unconscious and serve to fuel the dark […]

We started telling stories…


“On a summer night in 1999, some friends and I were bored. We started teling stories, and it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to ghost stories. The night was full of goose bumps as there appeared to be a never-ending supply. Our storytelling session started at 9:00pm, and by the time we came up […]

April Poll: Does it Matter if a Ghost Story is True?


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