Top 10 Most Haunted Cities in Illinois

Illinois is a very haunted state, from Chicagoland’s famous hitchhiking ghost, Resurrection Mary, to the ghost of “Old Book” at Peoria State Hospital, to the Headless Horseman of Lakey’s Creek. Some have argued that Illinois is one of the most haunted states in the country, and there are several towns and cities that claim to […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Bars & Pubs in the Midwest

At Mysterious Heartland, we have patronized many drinking establishments on our travels to allegedly haunted places all over the Midwest, but sometimes the pub is our destination. From the ghosts of former owners who refuse to leave, to ladies of the evening from a bygone era, many are said to contain “spirits” of a supernatural […]

Top 10 Witch Graves in the Midwest

Though tales of witchcraft are rare in the American Heartland, nearly every state has a remote, rural cemetery in which a witch is said to be buried. In the distant past, legends say, a recluse or eccentric woman was put to death for practicing magic and the community tried to cover it up. To this […]

Head 2 Head: Harrison Cemetery vs. Hotel Baker

Locations: Harrison Cemetery in Buckner versus Hotel Baker in St. Charles. Histories: Harrison Cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in Franklin County. Although not officially chartered until 1907, it has served area residents for over 120 years and is named after one of the first families to settle Browning Township. The historic Hotel Baker […]

Most of us have skeletons in our closets…

“Most of us have skeletons in our closets. Some of us also have ghosts. I grew up in a haunted house, and I know that I’m not the only person who’s experienced fidgety spirits. In addition, I live in scenic St. Charles. In fact, I often pass the historic building where, legend has it, the […]