Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Maple Lake


Location: Maple Lake is located in Pulaski Woods East, off 95th Street and Wolf Road in Palos, Illinois. The Maple Lake Overlook is located off 95th Street and parking is available off Wolf Road. [] Every spring and summer, visitors by the hundreds of thousands descend on the southwestern corner of Cook County. They come […]

I became quite spooked at a few of the sites mentioned in this book…


“Mysterious balls of light have been reported for hundreds, if not thousands of years from all corners of the world. These strange lights have been called ‘spooklights,’ ‘Ghostlights,’ earthlights, nim-nim lights, mystery lights, cemetery lights, or nocturnal lights and have been seen by people from all walks of life including: police chiefs, newspaper reporters, clergy, […]

Flashback: Archer Avenue


From there, The Fallen decided to go to Fairmont Cemetery, and they left their vehicles on the side of the road where—they hoped—no one would drive past. “I hope you realize we’re taking a huge risk,” Davin whispered as the quintet crossed the unfenced boundary into the cemetery. “Oh, like we’re going to get caught […]

Mystery Lights of Crab Orchard Lake


From History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline. In 1936 work was started on the Crab Orchard Creek Project. The purpose of this project was to construct three lakes for recreational use and as an industrial water supply. To make way for the proposed lake a portion of Illinois Route 13 between […]

Spotlight: Cumberland Cemetery

Cumberland Cemetery is said to be the home of a headless lady, spook lights, and the ghost of a little girl. The cemetery itself is rich in history. It was the site of the first farm in Evans Township, and its rolling hills were once occupied by a fort built during the Black Hawk War […]


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